Here’s 2 things I know:
• Where there’s conflict, there’s passion, and passion makes people take notice.
• We are tribal animals that love to pick a side, and rally for that cause.
About ten years ago Simon Sinek told us that every company can tell you what they do, some can tell you how they do it, but very few can tell you WHY they do it. Those few that can express their fundamental reason for being, to the right people, tend to be the most successful brands today. If people believe they share the same values, they will stay loyal to the brand.

The problem most businesses have is learning how to articulate exactly what they stand for. The trick is that being clear on what you’re against makes this process a whole lot easier.

One of the exercises we run in our workshops is to imagine your brand as a superhero. What evils are you trying to rid the world of? Who is your arch nemesis? For some, it might be a user frustration: A new gym might be against intimidating classes, or a lack of confidence. For others it could be a competitor – Apple and Microsoft often take swings at each other in their marketing. Once you understand your adversary, it’s easy to flip it into your superpower. An IT company against complex solutions and long help-desk queues are now for speed and simplicity.

Finding an enemy is a powerful way of providing clarity and direction by creating a villain in your story. We know the best films have the best villains, and so do the best brands.

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