Sometimes the simplest questions are the hardest to answer. One of the first things we try to establish when positioning brands is simply 'what do you do?', and you'd be surprised by they plethora of answers you get, even from within the same company department.
Granted, many businesses offer a whole bunch of services, but where they tend to fall short is in their attempt to communicate their offering. We are simple creatures, who crave simple stories, and in an ever-increasing world of brands, are easily overwhelmed by complexity. We want less fluff, more falafel - bare with me as I know that's quite a segue way!

Falafel is one of the most popular types of street food on the planet, so I'll use it to illustrate the idea. Imagine you're opening a falafel stall. You may put a whole lot of effort into making the best hummus, the tastiest dressing, buying the most eco-friendly containers or the nicest wraps - but the focus of your business should always be the falafel, it's what everything else hangs on.

Think about the one thing you couldn't strip away from your business before it ceased to exist - that's your falafel, and it's the best part of what you do. All the other stuff is important, and may well be the icing on the cake (or the hummus on the falafel) that drives customers to your brand instead of your competitors, but in essence - they are coming to you for the best falafel experience their money can buy.

This analogy also works when we're taking about communication. What words could you lose, while still maintaining your message and personality. Give people incentive to pay attention, and want more by making it smaller and easier to digest.

That's enough snack based references for now, I'm getting hungry. Hopefully that's some food for thought :)

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