A re-energised brand for global aquatic resource management.

Visual ID / Print / Digital

The Challenge
Poseidon were starting to compete on a global level and needed a brand to reflect their capability. They approached K-Lab to help align their team and create a new visual identity that they could confidently take around the world.
Our Approach
Poseidon offer a multitude of services, supporting sustainable aquaculture, marine planning, blue growth and more. Our aim was to simplify this complexity into a simple and memorable brand identity, that could thrive across all it's real-world and digital channels.
The Execution
We used a confident royal blue palette to convey trust and wisdom, while our clever fish icon adds charm to a simple logo. Everything is designed for an impactful, clear and functional user experience.
"K-Lab's efficient, collaborative approach, and phenomenal creativity, delivered us a future proof brand that we are immensely proud of. It has already driven our presence forward in the global arena."
Fiona Nimmo – Director, Poseidon
Visual Identity
Print Design
Presentation Design
Web Design

Natalex – Web Development

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